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Got a question that isn't on the list? Please get in touch >>>


What do I need to do in advance of my consultation?

When you message me through my contact page, we will arrange a time that is convenient for our  consultation. Then I will send you a form to fill out and my payment details. The form is helpful for both of us as it gives me a good overview of what you're concerned about and you can also take the time to reflect on birth and your feeding journey so far.


You may wish to video a feed or any behaviour you're concerned about before our consultation, just in case it doesn't happen during - we all know the nature of children!

Please do not worry about tidying your house or changing out of comfy clothes.


What does a consultation look like?

Generally, consultations are made of three parts:


  1. a chat about how things are going and where you would like to be.

  2. an observation of a feed (which sometimes happens at the same time as the chat!) and trying a few different things out (positions, techniques, tools)

  3. a chat about your next steps, where we decide together what you want to do to get there.


It's not always in a fixed order, and I'm happy to be led by you and your child/children.


After the consultation, I will write everything up and email it you, and forward a copy on to any relevant healthcare professionals.


What if I need more support?

I will always try to locate local breastfeeding support groups, parenting groups and local resources for ongoing support and include these in your consultation summary.

If you do need more in-depth support from me, I can offer you a follow up consultation with £10 discount. This doesn't have to be the same form as the first, you could have a home visit followed by a video consultation for example.


If we decide between us that we need to involve another professional, I can either send them a copy of your consultation summary with your explicit permission or you can forward this on yourself. I am more than happy to work in partnership with you and your healthcare professionals.


Do you just support breastfeeding parents?

Families are all unique and I would love to meet yours; whether you're expecting your first baby, inducing lactation for an adopted sibling, you're tandem feeding, wanting to wean your older child from breastfeeding, or you're having a few issues getting feeding established with your preemie.


From preparing for a new baby to the end of your feeding journey, I'm here. 


I support all types of feeding (breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bottle feeding, exclusively pumping, combi feeding etc).


Whatever your journey looks like currently, by necessity or by choice, and wherever you want to be, get in touch. I want you to feel safe, respected and supported by me, so let me know what I can do to achieve this.


How much does it cost?

My costs are listed on my services page. When you contact me, I will send you my payment details along with a form to fill out about your concerns, which also includes terms & conditions in detail. I ask for payment to be made before a consultation.


My charges are fixed prices and include travel within 15 miles of Salisbury. For locations further than 15 miles, I charge 45p per mile (there and back).  


Payment is by bank transfer, although other options may be available by request.


What if I can't afford that?

I understand, I really do. When you're paying for one of my services, you are buying experienced, personalised and skilled help (see more on my What's an IBCLC page), and my prices reflect this.


If you are really struggling, please contact me, I will try to help as much as I can.

You can also look for free breastfeeding support groups and services within your area. These are not usually IBCLC-run, but you may be able to get support with less complex issues and they are usually able to point you in the direction of any services your local area has to offer.


The Wiltshire Council website lists free to access breastfeeding groups and other helpful services, including groups run by Wiltshire Breastfeeding Support. Please do visit your local group - they're here for you!


Here in Salisbury, there is also the South Wiltshire and Surrounds Breastfeeding Support group on Facebook, which has up to date information about local groups and virtual support.


Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes! Please contact me and we can arrange some vouchers for you.

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