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I love to hear from families I've supported, please email to share your updates & feedback. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey!




"As I am on my second feeding journey and know a lot more this time around, I knew something was wrong when I was experiencing really painful feeds so wanted to get support as soon as possible to work out why. I contacted Sarah and was able to get an appointment that day which was such a relief. She listened to what I had to say over my initial messages. When she came to the house she was calm and kind and really put me at ease. Sarah talked through with me how I was feeling and validated my concerns. She watched some feeds and talked me through some techniques and options. Sarah also did a oral assessment and discovered my daughter had a small tongue tie and high palate and was very tense. She signposted me to get the tongue tie cut. She talked more about other things I could do to improve the issues. I felt so much more confident and happy at the end of the visit. Following this Sarah sent a clear and in depth plan of what we had discussed and information and links to videos and webpages. Sarah is obviously really knowledgeable and which made me confident trusting in her. Sarah's approach is caring, non-judgemental and research based. Having 2 weeks of follow up contact was really great to help check I was doing and understanding the information and exercises and led to more links to link to what we were experiencing. I would highly recommend Sarah's services to anyone who has issues or concerns or questions with feeding. I was pain free after a week of getting the tongue tie snipped and using information and exercises Sarah had told us. Thank you so much Sarah I really appreciate what you have done for us 💕"




"I contacted Sarah after 5 days of very painful attempts at breastfeeding. I was anxious about baby getting enough and feeling very deflated about how things were going. I was a bit uneasy about contacting a lactation consultant as I had already asked for so much help from midwives that had not brought any relief at this point and the consultation was going to be over Zoom which was also nerve wracking!

From the start, Sarah was warm and kind and made me feel so at ease that I felt strangely comfortable getting my boobs out on camera to try to show what’s going on. Sarah was calm and gave really clear instructions on what to look for and what she needed to see. I felt so relieved with the support and to hear that what I was doing was fine. She gave great advice and speaking to her made me feel like taking a break and expressing milk was fine to give me time to reset and recover - without hearing it from someone else, I felt like I couldn’t do it!

After the consultation we had tongue tie cut at the hospital, and the support Sarah offered via message continued to help me feel in control of what was happening. Through the follow up support, when things were still not plain sailing for me, Sarah identified that I might be suffering with thrush too and recommended speaking to my GP for treatment. 

Without Sarah and her exceptional care and support, we would not have got through 2 or 3 weeks of breastfeeding- now we are coming up to 4 months and it is now an enjoyable bonding experience for both me and baby. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough!"

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