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To maintain my IBCLC status, amongst other requirements like minimum hours practice time, I also have to keep a record of my ongoing training. I love learning more, and do not need any encouragement to book onto a new course!

You can feel confident I am up to date and continually evaluating and assessing my practice so that you can have the most effective support for your family.

The below is a selected list of my recent training and is in addition to network groups, study days, reading books, watching videos, and attending meetings.

2021(ongoing & upcoming)

Holistic Sleep Coaching
(mini) course
Lyndsey Hookway

1-day course covering the context of sleep, sleep training culture, attachment and communication, sleep biology, sleep cycles, parasomnias, sleep hygiene and bedtime routines, safe sleep, bedsharing, infant feeding and feeding challenges, respectful sleep strategies at different ages, naps, and early rising, behaviour, temperament, and parenting, colic, reflux, nutrition, allergies, eating and health challenges, mental health and anxiety, sensory differences, neurodiversity and special needs, and co-creating sleep strategies with families.

Short Courses, Conferences & Webinars (a selected list)

Why Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma Matter (Online Book Club)

Thought Rebellion

Navigating Lactation

Breastfeeding Conferences

Colic, Reflux and Infant Allergies OCN Level 4

Covering understanding the infant gut, colic, reflux and regurgitation, lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy and intolerance, medications and specialist infant formula, and supporting families, understanding the evidence, and recognising how to manage symptoms

Breastfeeding the Brave
Lyndsey Hookway

8 hours of training around supporting optimal feeding in medically complex children, introducing a model of collaborative working and making recommendations for practical ways in which breast/chestfeeding can be protected, preserved and promoted in the hospital setting.


NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills
Wiltshire College & University Centre

An 8 week course used as a refresher in counselling skills, understanding the different approaches involved in the use of counselling skills and appreciating the importance of self-development.

The Infant Microbiome & Epigenetics

The Microbirth School

9 hours of learning around new, up to date, evidence-based information about the infant microbiome and the possibilities of impact on long-term health, including discussion about informed choice and decision-making.

Breastfeeding and
Relationship Building

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative

2 day course exploring the influences and pressures new parents are exposed to within the UK cultural context, discussing informed decision making about feeding, non-judgemental approaches, responsive parenting for all babies regardless of feeding method, ways to protect and maximise breastmilk if parents are combination or mixed feeding and enabling safer and more responsive bottle feeding.

Short Courses, Conferences & Webinars (a selected list)

UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative Annual Neonatal Conference

UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Annual Conference

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding Network Annual Conference

The Breastfeeding Network

A look inside the NICU: How to best support families
​Shatoria Townsend, MPH, CLC, Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar

Advertising and Promotion of Private Practice: Ethical Issues

Marie Biancuzzo, Breastfeeding Outlook

How to Run an Outpatient Lactation Consult

Annie Frisbie, Paperless Lactation Practice

A History of Positioning and Attachment

Nancy Mohrbacher, LCGB

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