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  • Sarah Cowperthwaite IBCLC

60 second tutorial: how to hand express

Give me a minute! I got challenged to make a 60 second tutorial video and what better than a quick bit of hand expressing? What are your favourite tips, in which breastfeeding and infant feeding situations has hand expression helped you?

Hand expression is a great tool and useful in many situations. It's a great skill to learn; it's free, low tech, and doesn't require a lot of accessories! Hand expression can relieve fullness, help make milk flow and help maintain milk supply if you and baby are separated. It comes in handy in all kinds of pinches (pardon the pun..!) Remember it's a learned skill, so don't expect to be a whizz first time!

This is a really brief overview, for a more indepth video about hand expression with real life examples, check out this one from UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative.


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